15 years old Sifris is a human boy who inherited the blood of Wolf charmers from his parents, yet he sucks at summoning ...

Comic contains crossdressing , boylove and very stupid humor.

Also I'm french so you're bound to see mistakes sometimes in my spelling...^_^

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Because I keep disliking this comic since I started it without thinking seriously I have the hardest time updating it knowing i won't like it anyway so sorry it's hiatus for now

New regular schedule

I'm resuming my work on this webco , I'll only do a page a week , on sunday. but I'll do my best to not miss a week ^_^

New pages ahead ^_^

Hi I'l be away next week so next update should be the 6 november ^_^ it'll be a double update :D

The comic is not dead

Hi ^_^ I received many messages about wether this comic is dead or not.
IT IS NOT DEAD, I simply do not have the free time to draw more pages at the moment ^^, be assured the comic will continue for a logn time and wil have regular updates once I'm done with my pro work.
take care

Welcome *back*

I had this comic posted here before but removed it because I thought I find a easiest way to post it but it wasn't XD... so i'll post now again this time with fixed updates ^_^ two by week :3

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it'll be back on august